• Jenkins Automotive & Industrial Supply Inc

  • Since its beginning in 1959, Jenkins Automotive & Industrial Supply Inc. goals are to provide outstanding customer service, sell quality name brand products and offer competitive customer pricing. Started in a small 3,000 square foot building with one employee, Jenkins Automotive & Industrial now occupies 14,500 square foot building with nine employees.

    Jenkins Automotive & Industrial inventories over 200 product lines to meet its customers needs. Jenkins offers a full line of CARQUEST auto parts, supplies and services, we custom make low pressure to high pressure hydraulic hoses, offer starter and alternator testing, install automotive, truck & heavy equipment glass, stock heavy duty truck parts & many items for the industry not usually found in a traditional auto parts store.

    By reacting to our customer's needs, Jenkins has developed into multi-diversified company of products and services. Over fifty years after its beginning we are proud to still be an independent family owned business with family values in a world of corporate owned competitors. Our dedicated employees are our success and they hold to the values of our founders and to the future success of our company and most importantly our customers who are our greatest asset.

    We are closed on Sundays so our employees can worship as they choose.

  • Jenkins Automotive & Industrial Supply Inc

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